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Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence is one of the units of PSI Proactive Strategic Intelligence. Our company provides a range of Market Intelligence services to companies at the global level. Our main areas of the services are the following:

Market Entry Intelligence & Strategy

Media Market Intelligence

Brands & Companies Reputational Intelligence

Trade Shows Intelligence

Intellectual Property & Brand Misuse - Abuse Investigation

Market Analysis

New Products Research Intelligene

Special Surveys & Experts Interviews

​For additional information about our services, please contact us via the form, email or call us.

Geopolitics Intelligence

  • Geo-Political Risks Reviews and Monitoring

  • Country Risks Identification and Monitoring

  • Doing Business Risks Monitoring

  • Governments to Business Risks Assessments and Monitoring

  • Government Decision Making Process Analysis and Interpretation to Strategic Actions

  • Strategic Channel Management Development & Maintenance

  • Strategic Communication Strategies and Influence Tactics

It is very crucial for investors, companies as well as other international and regional organizations to evaluate the country and political risk based on accurate and reliable up to date intelligence.

We investigate strategic and tactical actions in certain countries around the globe; more specifically emerging and developing countries for the geographical regions of Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia Federation as well as Eurasia countries (CIS) where we are operating.


We provide supporting services to our clients who are interested in evaluating country and political risk as well as legal and tax assessment in certain countries, for market entry, joint ventures, acquisitions and development of infrastructure projects. We focus on macro and micro level country and political risks.

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​For additional information about our services, please contact us via the form, email or call us.

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